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Badlands Tiger Beetle




Cicindela decemnotata Say
Adult Length: 12 to 16 mm
Appearance: Adults are reddish green to green with a somewhat greasy appearance. Most individuals are green in color. The maculation is somewhat variable. The middle band is always present and complete, but variable in diameter and development. A humeral marking may or may not be present, but a posthumeral mark is usually always present. Apical and subapical marks are also present.
Similar Species: This species could easily be confused with Cicindela denverensis, C. purpurea, or C. limbalis. It differs from all three in having a shinier, greasier appearance. It also differs from C. denverensis and C. limbalis in that the middle band extends well toward the posterior so that the “foot” dot is located such that a straight line can be drawn laterally through both part of this dot and the subapical dot. In the other two species the middle band ends well above the subapical dot.
Biology: This species is only poorly known. Adults are usually collected at high elevations and high latitudes in short-grass prairie habitats. Preferred soils are dry and clayey, silty, or sandy.
Adult Life History: Adults emerge from the pupa mostly in August and September and are active until October before overwintering. Activity resumes in spring and peak numbers occur in April and May. Numbers decline in summer and adults are rare by July. It is a spring-fall species.
Larval Life History: Eggs are probably laid mostly in April and May. Nothing has been published on the larvae of this species. It likely has a three-year life cycle as a result of high elevation and consequent short warm season.
Biogeography: This species has only recently been detected in Nebraska. A single specimen was collected by Stephen M. Spomer in Sioux County in 2004. In North America it is known from central Colorado and Utah to western North Dakota, eastern Washington, north into southern British Columbia, and north in the western Great Plains and Rocky Mountains to southern Saskatchewan and Alberta, and north into the Yukon Territories and Alaska.