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Cicindela terricola terricola Say
Adult Length: 8 to 11 mm
Appearance: Adults are entirely dark brown to blackish, usually with little or no maculation. The ventral surface is likewise dull and dark.
Similar Species: This species could be confused with C. punctulata, but the lack of tiny bluish pits and the dark dull ventral surfaces are distinctive. Cicindela punctulata adults are normally somewhat shiny blackish purple dorsally, while those of C. terricola are dull sooty gray to dull black.
Biology: This species typically occurs on moist alkaline clay soils, especially with sparse to patchy vegetation. Preferred habitats include grasslands, muddy stream banks, shores of alkali lakes, and alkali flats. Its habitat preferences in Nebraska are poorly known. Adults normally do not fly when alarmed but instead run into vegetation.
Adult Life History: Adults emerge from the pupa in early summer. Peak numbers are probably from late June to early August, with numbers dropping off in August. It is a summer species.
Larval Life History: The larval stages are undescribed. Larvae most likely develop in moist clay soil, and probably require one or two years of development.
Biogeography: In Nebraska, this species has thus far only been recorded in Dawes County. In North America it occurs from eastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba to westernmost Minnesota, North Dakota, central South Dakota, western Nebraska, and northeastern Colorado. The taxonomy of this group, which includes C. cinctipennis is very poorly understood.