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Heterosilpha ramosa
Heterosilpha ramosa



Heterosilpha ramosa (Herbst)
Description: It is another small (length 11.2-16.7 mm) member of the Silphinae. It is entirely black but differs from Thanatophilus truncatus in being covered by dense punctation. The elytra are sculptured and usually cover the abdomen.
Similar Species: Though it could be confused with Thanatophilus lapponicus or Oiceoptoma inequale, it is larger than both species, more black in color than T. lapponicus, and has pustules on the elytra that are lacking in O. inequale.
Range: Although once distributed across Nebraska, the species is currently restricted to the western and central areas of the state. The activity pattern of this species is currently unknown. Occurs from western Ontario and western Minnesota to New Mexico to British Columbia and Baja Califronia. In Nebraska it is mostly limited to western half of the state.
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