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Necrodes surinamensis
Necrodes surinamensis



Necrodes surinamensis (Fabricius)
Description: This beetle ranges from 12.0 to 24.0 mm in size. The identifying characters of this beetle are the large eyes, long black body, and transverse row of red orange spots along the posterior edge of the elytra.
Similar Species: This species is unlikely to be confused with any other. The striations on the elytra distinguish it from Nicrophorus species.
Range: Occurs across southern Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia and south to Florida, Texas, Utah, and Washington. It is found throughout Nebraska but shows a preference for wooded areas.
Notes: This beetle is primarily nocturnal in its searching behavior, but will feed continuously once a carcass is located. These beetles appear to be attracted to larger carcasses. In Nebraska, these beetles become active in their search behavior as early as April and remain active until November. This beetle appears to be a habitat generalist, displaying no known affinity for habitat or soil type.