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Nicrophorus americanus

Nicrophorus americanus



Nicrophorus americanus Olivier
Description: Nicrophorus americanus is the largest silphid beetle in North America, reaching lengths of 20.0 to 35.0 mm. This species is easily recognizable by the large orange marking at the center of the pronotum, a feature unique among Nicrophorus. The beetle also has two transverse orange maculae on each elytron which do not reach the suture. The American burying beetle is currently listed as federally endangered.
Similar Species: This species is distinct in having an orangish patch covering nearly the entire pronotum.
Range: Although it once occurred throughout 35 states east of the Rockies, it is presently found only in 6 states, including Nebraska. Though it once occurred over most of the eastern United States and parts of southern Canada, this species is now limited to parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Rhode Island. Current Nebraska populations are limited to two, one in the eastern portions of the Sandhills and extending into South Dakota, and another in the loess hills south of the North Platte area.
Notes: The beetle is active in Nebraska from April through October. It is active diurnally and appears to be a habitat generalist.