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Nicrophorus carolinus

Nicrophorus carolinus

Pictured Below:
Size variation in N. carolinus (Commonly seen in most Nicrophorus specis)



Nicrophorus carolinus Linnaeus
Description: This large beetle ranges from 13.8 to 26.6 mm in length. The species is recognized by its orange antennal clubs; a smooth, flat pronotum; mostly black body; and two transverse orange macula , broken into two spots, on each elytron.
Similar Species: This species could be confused with Nicrophorus orbicollis, but the humeral orange patch is fragmented into two to four distinct spots near the margin in N. carolinus, while it is unbroken in N. orbicollis. The smooth pronotum of N. carolinus is distinctive.
Range: Occurs across the southern Unites States north to Virginia and South Dakota. It occurs throughout Nebraska but appears limited to sandy areas.
Notes: This beetle is noted as having a preference for areas with loose, sandy soils. This species has been collected in Nebraska from March through October and is activity during the day (diurnal).