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Nicrophorus guttula

Nicrophorus guttula

Pictured Below:
Color variation in N. guttula




Nicrophorus guttula Motschulsky
Description: Nicrophorus guttula is a small-sized (12.0-20.0 mm) burying beetle limited to western Nebraska (although one county record from Lancaster county exists). The species is recognizable by the broad orange maculations on the elytra, and by the emarginate third antennal segment.
Similar Species: This species could be confused with Nicrophorus marginatus, N. obscurus, N. hybridus, or N. investigator. It differs from all of these species in that the black extends above the humeral orangish patch well onto the epipleuron. The figures show the epipleuron of N. guttula compared with that of N. obscurus, the species with which it is most easily confused. The figure second to the bottom is N. guttula, that on the bottom is N. obscurus.
Range: Occurs over much of the western United States and into southern Canada; from British Columbia to Saskatchewan south to Baja California. It appears limited mostly to the western half of Nebraska.
Notes: This species is apparently a habitat generalist and is active diurnally.