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Nicrophorus investigator

Nicrophorus investigator



Nicrophorus investigator Zetterstedt
Description: Nicrophorus investigator is among the smallest of the carrion beetles (length 13.2 to 18.0 mm). It is marked with highly variable maculations (Nebraska specimens have broad orange maculations), making this species difficult to identify. The basal segment of the antennal club is black, while other segments of the club are orange. The sternum is covered with dense yellow setae, including the areas around the bases of the thoracic legs, distinguishing N. investigator from N. hybridus.
Similar Species: This species could be easily confused with Nicrophorus guttula, N. hybridus, N. obscurus, or N. marginatus. This species, N. hybridus, and N. mexicanus are very rare in Nebraska and unlikely to be encountered by the average naturalist. For further reference see The Carrion Beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) of Nebraska, by Brett C. Ratcliffe.
Range: This species ranges widely across both North America and Europe. However, it has only been collected in Nebraska once, near North Platte, in 1966. Occurs across much of Canada to New England and south along the Rocky Mountains to Arizona and New Mexico. There is only one record for Nebraska (two specimens).
Notes: The adults are reported to be excellent bee mimics.