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Nicrophorus marginatus

Nicrophorus marginatus

Pictured Below:
Color variation in N. marginatus

Pictured Below:
Antennae of N. marginatus and N. obscurus



Nicrophorus marginatus Fabricius
Description: This abundant burying beetle is recognized by its antennae, which bear clubs that are entirely orange. Each elytron has two transverse orange maculae that meet to form a black heart-shaped area.
Similar Species: Heavily marked individuals could be confused with Nicrophorus guttula, but the epipleuron is different (see N. guttula). It could be confused with N. obscurus, but the antennal clubs of N. marginatus are entirely orange to pale brown, while those of N. obscurus have the first segment of the club blackish. The figure shows the antennae of N. marginatus and N. obscurus. The individual on the left is N. obscurus and that on the right is N. marginatus. The pronotum of N. marginatus is typically smoother than that of all other Nicrophorus species except N. carolinus.
Range: Occurs across southern Canada and most of the United States. It is common throughout Nebraska.
Notes: This diurnal beetle is the first species to emerge from dormancy and has been collected from February through October. In Kearney County, this species is a habitat generalist, but across its range it has been noted to show a strong preference towards meadows, open grassy areas, and desert woodlands.