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Nicrophorus obscurus

Nicrophorus obscurus



Nicrophorus obscurus Kirby
Description: Nicrophorus obscurus ranges from about 14.8 to 23.0 mm in size. It is distinguished from other species by having the basal segment of the antenna black and remaining segments orange. The elytra are marked with orange bands with the front band usually reaching the suture but the hind markings not. The pronotum is widest towards the head.
Similar Species: This species is easily confused with Nicrophorus guttula. Though N. guttula is usually more heavily marked, there is some overlap in variation. See N. guttula for more detail.
Range: Occurs from Alberta and Manitoba to Nebraska and Colorado. This species is mostly a northern species with a southern limit of Nebraska. It occurs in greatest numbers in western Nebraska.
Notes: It is active diurnally.