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Nicrophorus tomentosus

Nicrophorus tomentosus



Nicrophorus tomentosus Weber
Description: Nicrophorus tomentosus is a small Nicrophorine beetle, measuring between 11.2 and 19.0 mm in length. This species is easily recognizable because all four of the antennal segments are black. This beetle is unique among Nicrophorus in having a pronotum which is covered with a dense patch of long yellow setae.
Similar Species: The yellowish hairs covering the pronotum readily distinguish this species from any other.
Range: Occurs across most of the United States and southern Canada. It occurs throughout Nebraska.
Notes: It has been suggested that this characteristic, along with the overall appearance of this beetle in flight, mimics the bumblebee. It is active diurnally and appears to be a habitat generalist. This beetle is active in Nebraska from June through October.